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SME & Industrial Installation

At MET we adapt our products to the individual needs of our clients. If you have space on the roof or a piece of land next to the supply point, contact us in order to access solutions such as:

  • EPC and processing of top quality installations.

  • Onsite PPA for 5, 10 or 15 years; you will pay a competitive price for the energy you consume yourself WITHOUT investing in installation or maintenance.

  • In order to have complete access to our services, we offer you the option to contract additional power supply from the grid for the hours when there is no production.

  • For installations of more than 100kWp we provide assistance in the sale of surplus electricity on the market, and we offer the option to use the revenue from the sale to reduce the bills of the same site, of other plants or employees' domestic bills.

We will attend you in a personalised way, contact us at Contact ( or by phone: +900 10 49 59